MyLifetime.info wants to make you aware of your (remaining) lifetime!

I think that too many people put their ideas and dreams asideā€¦ they think that they don't have the time right now or that it is not the right moment to work on realizing their dreams. This might be true but time is running!

I believe that if you are aware of your lifetime, your consciousness of time changes and you probably put your focus on actions which actively lead you towards the realization of your ideas and dreams. I don't want that you regret at the end of your life of not having realized your dreams during your lifetime. That's the reason why I have put this project online!

Additionally I am very interested in your expectation of how long you think you will (or want) to live. Once there is enough data I intend to create a graph from it.

I wish you a happy, healthy and long life!


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